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StarDragons are a closed species by Ryncakes, CuttleSkulls, and Cloneclone, you may not make your own.


'StarDragon' is the overall general term used to refer to the eight StarDragon subspecies:
StarEaters | StarSweepers | StarDashers | StarShooters
StarWeavers | StarCrafters | StarRobbers | StarFishers

StarDragons can be acquired via auction or batch only from Ryncakes and CuttleSkulls, please watch them to catch future batches! Customs open up via journal slots. Occasionally, this group hosts contests, raffles, prompts, and DTAs with prizes ranging from sketches to free designs. Come join the fun!
You do not need to own a Stardragon to join the group!

MYO slots are generally opened once a year. Please follow this group for openings!

MYO Account!

The StarDragon Discord server can be found here and is active daily.

Chat parties are held HERE every once in a while to muck around, roleplay, and have fun!

Check out this group on Furaffinity!
Join this world, submit characters, and roleplay on!

Adopt Rules!

Group Rules!

StarDragon Q&A!

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★ Decemberween Plans/Sales/Warblings  ★

(Whoops, this one is a little late, though all important updates have been posted already. Here's the summary anyway!)

The last month of the year is upon us! Which means everything is busy forever and half of it likely does not involve Gem-Exchange as we are all hurtled screaming into the holiday rush.

But still having enough time to have a customary journal to keep everyone up in the know of what is going on.




(We're going to try to do better about keeping this journal near the front for the month. So if you have a resale you'd like promo'd please leave it in the comments for folks to find/us to add to the list here. That said, if you do end up making a sale/changing the link/please let us know so we can adjust. :'D

Hellzor has a nice stareater UFT/sale over HERE
LivingDeadProxy has a beautiful stardasher for sale HERE
InkMaven has a beautiful stareater for sale HERE
Little-Lunatic has some lovely stardragons for trade HERE




The December Freebie Raffle is now closed. Congrats to TheDragonDreamer on FA! We hope you enjoy your new babe!

Freebie Stardragon Raffle (CLOSED) by CuttleSkulls

There will likely be another raffle in January so stay tuned!




The sign-ups are closed but this years Secret Santa is underway. This section is mostly so people involved and have a quick front-page reference and not have to wade through journals to find it.

Quick reference to Secret Santa journal HERE




We currently have a survey going HERE that we'd love to see some feedback on regarding folks favorite types of stardragons.




The dust of moving and life being crazy is finally settling and most of us are just slowly getting back into the swing of things. We have a couple batches of designs in the works as well as the return to posting up subspecies info! And if all goes according to plan, there will be some new lore and world-building fluff coming around the mountain as well.

That said, I think everyone realizes that December is...well...a magical time of year where the magic is that time goes by really fast due to sudden familial obligations or the holidays eating more time and energy than expected. So there is a chance this month in particular will be a little bit more mellow than others. If that is the case, it just means we will have to hit 2018 running!

We hope that this final month of 2017 is kind to everyone out there. And if you celebrate the holidays that you all have a wonderful one. And if you don't...we still hope you have a wonderful time!

More Journal Entries

✩Lore & Info✩

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StarEater Info by Cloneclone StarCrafter Info by Cloneclone StarWeaver Info by Cloneclone StarRobbers Info by Cloneclone
StarFisher Info by Cloneclone StarDasher Info by Cloneclone StarShooter Info by Cloneclone StarSweepers Info by Cloneclone
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Subtype - Desert Dashers by CuttleSkulls Subtype - Mudskipper Fishers by CuttleSkulls Subtype - Desert Crafters by CuttleSkulls


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